A girl visits a mysterious place which appears to be her inner self. In her journey into sensory exploration excitement soon turns into feelings of anxiety, as overstimulation finally throws her into a child-like state.
Film title: Comfort (2018)
Duration time: 9 min 35 s
Animation technique: 2D, 3D, clay, stop motion
Directing: Weronika Banasińska
Music: Adam Skrzypkowski
Sound: Adam Skrzypkowski

Animation Film Studio in Kraków, Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts

Weronika Banasińska is a illustrator and animator based in Kraków, Poland. She received a Masters Degree in Animation at Kraków's Academy of Fine Arts. Currently she works as an animator and character designer for director Tomek Ducki, in projects such as music videos Paradise Awaits by Zhu and Animals by Emily King, and other animated films and series. Her freelance works range from animated gifs, webcomics for VICE or Ha!art Corporation, to self-published zines and posters.

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Comfort - Weronika Banasińska