Sweet dreams

Short story of four friends who found themselves in place and the situation that is not exactly convenient. Story is based on a dream I had.
Film title: Sweet dreams (2015)
Duration time: 4 min
Animation technique: drawn, 2D
Directing: Weronika Banasińska
Music: Paulina Łuciuk

Animation Film Studio in Kraków, Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts
E-mail: animationstudio@asp.krakow.pl
Web: film.asp.krakow.pl

Weronika Banasinska is a student of Jan Matejko Academy Of Fine Arts in Krakow on Graphic department. Her work primarily focuses on the human body, senses and micro impact between people. She cares about honesty in the process of work. Currently she is interested in drawing, animation and comic. She’s   an intense observer and likes to use all benefits of sleep.

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Sweet dreams - Weronika Banasińska