Red Diamond

Sea creature is violently captured and transported to a demiurgic laboratory. A desperate struggle for survival begins. The creature take up an evolutionary race against machines. The film depict the issues of survival and greed. The story is focused on a moral dilemma between natural beauty and material value.

1. Evolution (Evolution is not a walkies. Evolution is a fight for survival, especially when the environment changes. Adapt or die.The animation shows the general chronological history of the evolution of life on Earth. From the depths of the sea, to land, air and finally the artificial genetic modifications.)
2. Environment (environment sciences)
3. Robotics (economics)
4. Human dilemma: natural beauty vs material value (how many we can take from enviroment, to keep our progress, but not to destroy our habitat).
Film title: Red Diamond (2016)
Duration time: 9 min 46 s
Animation technique: 2D
Directing: Adam Żądło
Music: Piotr Madej
Sound: Piotr Madej

Animation Film Studio in Kraków, Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts

Adam Żądło - born 6th July 1993 in Poland; study at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, specializes in animation and photography. Rised in Pcim (mountain village), he mixes experience from the rural work with science and new technologies. He actively supports scientific student groups concerned with building cyborg and space exploration. His artworks were presented on exhibitions and film festivals across the world.

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Red Diamond - Adam Żądło