The world, which aim is keeping balance. The place, where everything attract or repels everything else. Even people.

MAGNETICMAN is a story about the principles controlling unlike world. Dominated by the attractive force - similar to „our” magnetism. The world got specific law and target - keeping balance. Magnetic people allow an existence of his huge structure. They need to add their bodies to maintain the balance of the magnetic pot of the world. If we consider MAGNETICMAN in sociological terms, we should ask: what it means to be free in such a world? What we got if we select individual path: self-destruction in solitude or maybe – so important for humans – freedom?
Film title: Magneticman (2014)
Duration time: 3 minutes 21 seconds
Directing: Adam Żądło
Music: Michał Jakub Papara

Animation Film Studio in Kraków, Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts

Adam Żądło - born 6th July 1993 in Poland; study at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow, specializes in animation and photography. Rised in Pcim (mountain village), he mixes experience from the rural work with science and new technologies. He actively supports scientific student groups concerned with building cyborg and space exploration. His artworks were presented on exhibitions and film festivals across the world.

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Magneticman - Adam Żądło