Do not make scenes

This movie is an autobiographic monodrama, in which the main heroine is traveling from one spotlight to another, discovering colors. However she’s not completely alone on the scene.
Film title: Do not make scenes (2014)
Duration time: 6:57
Animation technique: painting technique
Directing: Paulina Kapusta
Music: Renate Stivrinja, Violin: Ana Mamisashvili

Animation Film Studio in Kraków, Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Arts

Born in 1990 in Żary, i finished my education in Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. I participated in few collective exhibitions, but I’m gathering strength for my own debute. Right now i’m sinking into colors’ mysteries. I’m interested in animation, fantasy books and movies, religion and mythology.

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Do not make scenes - Paulina Kapusta